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VCCC in White Night Melbourne

The Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) recently took part in the White Night Melbourne event, turning on its external lights for the first time, providing a first glimpse of what the iconic building will look like when completed later this year.

The VCCC’s signature purple ribbon and two 30-metre-long illuminated sky signs were switched on to coincide with the fourth annual White Night Melbourne festival.

The unique purple ribbon, a continuous physical architectural element that wraps around the building, connecting the lower clinical levels with the research levels above, is constructed from bespoke coloured glass and aluminium composite panels and lit by energy-efficient LED lighting strips specially tuned to match the colours of the façade.

The White Night event had its inception in Paris in 2002 and has since inspired a global network of events in over 20 international cities including Melbourne, where it was first staged in 2013. The event has steadily grown in popularity, with the 2016 White Night Melbourne event attracting an estimated 580,000 people into the CBD.

Original Story by C. Whitefield, Plenary Group
Photo Credit: Peter Glenane – HiVis Pictures

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VCCC Lights Up at White Night Melbourne