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Health City Novena, Singapore

Health City Novena Complex in Singapore covers an area of approximately 17 hectares with a vision to create an integrated community of healthcare, medical education and translational research in a vibrant and sustainable communal environment.

This proposed Integrated Intermediate Care Hub was designed to accommodate and integrate several care spectrums under one roof, namely Specialist Rehabilitation, Slow Stream Rehabilitation, Sub-Acute Care, and Palliative Care.

The massing is arranged in three distinctive blocks housing the specific programs including Outpatient, Administration and Inpatient blocks. These three blocks are organized around a central “Garden Courtyard” providing each block with unimpeded “natural views”, creating green respite and interesting vistas from within the complex. A logistics hub and 4 levels of basement car parking also featured in the proposed design.

The proposed design incorporates best practice features to create a calming and peaceful environment such as access to natural light, natural colours and material selections and ample artwork. Accent colours in each zone will provide a clear way finding strategy. This competition design was proposed by STH in partnership with CPG Corporation.

Design Competition

Design Competition

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