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Kate Wong
Associate  (Sydney, NSW)

Kate is a dynamic Associate and has been with STH since 2015. She has experience in several modalities and has expanded her knowledge and skills from seeing projects from feasibility through to construction. With an interest in BIM, Kate looks to create continuity and efficiency with the use of BIM tools across all aspects of design to construction. 
With more than a decade of experience in architecture, working in Hong Kong, Melbourne and Sydney, Kate has worked in a range of sectors before gravitating towards healthcare which she found rewarding and enjoyable, knowing that her work has had a positive influence on staff and patients of healthcare. Having gained large and small scale healthcare experience throughout the years at STH in both Melbourne and Sydney, Kate has worked on all phases of a project, from user group consultations to documentation and delivery. 

Kate’s breadth of experience has made her a resourceful and integral team member and is often a go-to resource from fellow colleagues. Kate is committed to bringing future projects to the next level.