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Healthcare facilities are “cities” within cities with both a diversity and complexity of patients and visitors, staff and logistics.

STH approach each project from a strong design and operational knowledge base, to provide a unique and operationally sustainable solution. Through dialogue and collaboration we strive to provide designs that enhance the experience for all users.

 Design Quality in any building is all encompassing and holistic. The STH philosophy ensures that key principles of good quality design are inherent in all projects the practice undertakes, from concept through to completion.
These include: 
- Use of Evidence Based Design (EDAC principles)
- Involvement in Research and Post occupancy Design, for Hospitals and Aged Care.
- Integrated Architecture and Interiors with in house expertise
- Effective and Intuitive wayfinding
- Operational Efficiency and Functional Planning
- Future proofing, flexibility and universal standardisation as required
- Staging and Decanting and long term master planning
- Unique architecture that reflects the vision and brand of the client within a competitive market.

STH are passionate, knowledgeable and energetic and collaborate with each client to provide a building that exceeds their expectations and is not only architecturally striking, but works functionally to provide the framework for healthcare professionals to deliver their model of care. STH use a variety of mediums to design and document, and with the integration of BIM, 3D Visualisation, room data sheet and asset management provide a long term, structured documentation system to our clients. This provides certainty for clients to cost, build, operate and maintain their facilities.