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At STH, many of our directors, associates and staff have been with us for 10-30 plus years. We have a team approach, with director and associates working with project teams through design to documentation. This provides our clients reassurance that the leadership group is actively involved in all stages of a project, and provides mentoring and collaboration amongst the STH team.

STH support cultural and gender diversity; 50% of our directors are female, 30% of our staff are female. We offer flexible working environments for staff to foster a healthy, engaging and challenging workplace.

Professional Development

The size of STH studios provides a culture of rapport, with open plan workspaces and team tables encouraging dialogue and creativity.

We provide to all employees:
-Opportunity to work on different phases of projects and different size projects within the offices. 
-Use of Revit as our documentation platform, with in-house training offered from beginner through to advanced. 
-In house presentations by suppliers and industry, that provide CPG points for attendance.
-Professional development opportunities in the form of external training courses, conferences and seminars.
-Inter-office exchanges between Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide Opportunities for promotion to Associate.  

Health and Wellbeing

STH want to create a vibrant office environment and support socialisation, health and wellbeing into the work environment.

As part of this, we provide:
-Office “green walls” to boost creativity, and reduce stress, and illness.  
-Themed staff morning teas including Chinese New Year, Harmony Day, Australia Day, and Hawaiian Shirt days.
-Sponsorship of staff charity fun runs, bike rides, Movember and Archi Soccer
-Funded flu vaccinations
-Fresh fruit supplied to the office twice weekly.