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Goulburn Hospital and Health Service Redevelopment, Goulburn, NSW

STH were commissioned at Schematic Design phase to review and develop a new 4 Storey Acute Clinical Services Building at the Goulburn Hospital campus with appropriate linkages to the existing hospital assets (including Goulburn Base Hospital, Bourke Street Health Service and Kenmore Hospital) in order to create a seamless health precinct. This regional, brownfield hospital is a multi-stage development within an existing operational hospital.

The planning solution is efficient and compact, resulting in improved wayfinding, operational efficiencies, and streamlined clinical, logistics, patients and public flows. The overall design incorporates current practices and trends whilst producing a building that is inviting, cohesive and functional. The design response established an architectural language for the Hospital campus sympathetic to the existing heritage-listed buildings. This language creates a coherent overall presentation to the public domain. Brick is the predominate building material in the precinct and predetermined the aesthetics, colour, modularity and grain for the campus.

The interiors concept pays homage to the rich history Goulburn possesses with a focus on various flora found in the area, where some have medicinal significance within various Aboriginal Groups and Nations. By incorporating familiar elements and some links to the natural surroundings, the spaces aim to reduce stress for patients, family and staff while providing a safe environment to promote healing and support relaxation and restoration.

Modern design elements have been implemented by using a variety of materials, bursts of colour, and graphic images, to create a space that all users can relate to. Plant varieties were incorporated on wall graphics and signage to distinguish the various floors and assist with wayfinding. A range of references were brought into various interior spaces and were split up into the following topics, The River, Aboriginal Groups and Nations, Community Spirit, and Grasslands.

12,000 m²

STATUS: Completed 2022

NSW Health Infrastructure