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Mudgee Hospital Redevelopment, Mudgee, NSW

The Mudgee Hospital Redevelopment has seen the Master Plan and Design of the new hospital complex, to replace the existing facility buildings completed. The new hospital utilises the 40,000m2 site and encompasses future-proofing expansion zones to cater for future demand. 

The new hospital includes an Emergency Department, General Medical and Surgical Units, as well as Community Health, Peri-operative, Maternity, Ambulatory Care, Oral Health, Renal Dialysis, and Oncology Services.
It was imperative to establish a design for the new hospital that contributes to the existing context and character of Mudgee and resonates and fits within the community, to create a strong sense of local ownership. The architectural heritage of Mudgee and the local architectural vernacular of its public and residential buildings were closely considered during the design process to inform the architectural design palette for the hospital. This has been expressed using building elements and materials that echo the local setting and include: Face Brick (lighter colour) and Layered Elements: Gutters, Downpipes, Slab edges and Window openings. The Hospital entry features an expressed awning over a transparent glazed façade which encloses the main entry and the associated public concourse. The transparency of the entry allows for light to filter through the public concourse. 

PROJECT SIZE: 40,000m2
PROJECT STATUS: Completed May 2020 – Ahead of Schedule
CLIENT: NSW Health Infrastructure