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New Oakville Hospital, Ontario, Canada

In 2010, Plenary Health was shortlisted by Infrastructure Ontario and Halton Healthcare Services to participate in the Request for Proposals stage to design, build, finance and maintain a new Oakville Hospital project. The new hospital was approved by the Government of Ontario to be located on a 50 acre greenfiled site in Oakville with a goal of achieving LEED Silver certification.

The state-of-the-art hospital by B+H+STH was designed to have a capacity of over 450 inpatient beds at full capacity with 80% of rooms single occupancy. The facility was designed to cater for a full range of acute health care services, including complex continuing rehabilitation care, renal dialysis, acute inpatient care, maternal child care and both inpatient and outpatient adult, child and adolescent mental health services.

The hospital was designed with flexibility and future proofing as a key driver to allow for adaptations as new technology and best practices emerge and expansion opportunities with an expected growth in local populations and demand for services. STH worked in Joint-Venture with B+H Architects on the Plenary Health submission with local firm PCL Contractors.

Submission Entry

Submission Entry

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