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Singapore National Cancer Centre, Singapore

As part of the Singapore Ministry of Health’s strategic master plan to address the needs of Singapore’s growing and aging population, a major expansion program has been launched to redevelop the Singapore General Hospital site at Outram. As part of that initiative, a design competition was held for a new National Cancer Centre within the SGH campus grounds.

STH as part of a joint venture team with DP Architects and RTKL, submitted a proposed building design intended to facilitate the Clients’ stated aim to "deliver multidisciplinary care to every patient; conduct cutting-edge clinical and translational research; institutional home for the best cancer professionals and researchers through learning and innovation; and lead and promote anti-cancer advocacy".

The proposed design includes medical, educational and research activity zones within a single institution with the provision of comprehensive holistic care through site specific clinics, Oncology Imaging Department, Proton Beam Therapy Centre, Research Facilities, Treatment Facilities (Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and Surgery), Special Recovery Rooms, Short Term Stay Wards, Operating Theatres, Intraoperative Radiotherapy Operating Rooms and Brachytherapy Rooms, all with associated support facilities.

Design Competition

Design Competition

Ministry of Health, Singapore