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Singapore Nursing Home Research Project,

‘Designing Future Ready & Sustainable Nursing Homes for Person-Centric Care Models in Communities’

Silver Thomas Hanley (STH) was engaged by National University of Singapore (NUS) as one of the two shortlisted architectural design research firms to develop the conceptual design ideas for the above referenced project.

The methodology for our research has been informed by the design principles established through evidence-based research carried out by NUS research team. The research includes focus group discussions with staffs and residents of five nursing homes in Singapore, and the observation of residents and staff to understand the workflow, behaviour and interactions with their environment. Key themes for comparison against the research framework are supporting autonomy and independence, introducing adaptable design, creating supportive and enabling environment and encouraging community integration. 

STH developed a design for a proposed eldercare facility in Singapore that not only responded to but also incorporated the research from the earlier phases of the nursing home research project. The facility is now being fully documented by a local architect in Singapore, with STH still involved in a review capacity, to ensure the benefits and implements of research are realised in the final design.

* This material is based on research/work supported by Singapore’s Ministry of National Development and National Research Foundation under L2NICf Award No.L2NICTDF-2017-5 conducted in association with NUS School of Design and Environment. Any opinions, findings and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the view of the Singapore Ministry of National Research Foundation.