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University Hospital Geelong Supportive Care Centre, Geelong, VIC

The University Hospital Geelong is a major tertiary facility in regional Victoria. STH has been associated with the campus for over 10 years. During that time we have developed a number of projects for Barwon Health including a redevelopment of the Andrew Love Cancer Centre (ALCC).

In 2009, STH undertook a Master Plan review which gave rise to a series of campus expansion projects valued in excess of $127M. Amongst these projects STH developed a new Supportive Care Centre that was co-located with the ALCC. The project involved the expansion of the ALCC outpatient functions and the development of a dedicated support facility, intended to provide ALCC consumers and cancer support groups with a resource and drop-in centre.

The facility provides support and information resources in a non-clinical, non-threatening environment where cancer care consumers can seek respite from the stresses of their day to day care regime and thereby, relax and regroup. Features include discrete informal seating pods, a domestic style kitchen and north facing balcony.

The interior concepts were developed around a strong evidence base suggesting that nature fosters a nuturing and supportive environment. Our programme response included a very organic and tactile interior environment utilising a palette of natural materials, textures, colours and graphics influenced by the Otway Ranges.

968 m²

Completed 2015

Barwon Health
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